that was fast

Well, I got another job, with the hours I wanted.

One of the places where I first interviewed (after Dissolving Firm gave us notice) still hadn't hired anyone. At the time I thought this was Crappy Firm, but since Very Nice Firm turned out to be Crappy Firm, who knows. It's slightly (although not significantly) less money, but everything else is the usual. Allan and I will have the same hours, so we'll commute together, which saves Allan from having to get up early to drive me to the bus, after working late the night before.

I'm feeling a bit stupid about this whole thing. I had a job that paid more with the hours I wanted. Why did I leave? Well, because I was miserable. It's easy to have doubts after the tension and anxiety of a hateful job has been lifted. It's like when you end a bad relationship, then later on some lonely night, you think, why did I let him go? He would have been here now. Well yes, he'd be there, and you'd be miserable, remember?

* * * *

We were supposed to meet Tom and Emilio today, but our schedules didn't end up connecting. It sounds like they had a fabulous time in Toronto, and are really excited about the city. Yet another family of American defectors - a Jewish mom and dad and their Chinese-Jewish daughter, now living in North Carolina - are landing today. (They don't blog, but I email with the mom.)

Hey, does anyone know other moving-to-Canada folks who are just starting their application process? After all the "Vancouver Boys" (as Nick calls them), Tom & Emilio, and Two Moms get here, who will we follow??

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