the voice of toronto fc

The front page of this morning's Toronto Star featured a huge colour photo of Toronto Football Club, the city's new Major League Soccer franchise. Fans were celebrating* the club's first goal, and first win.

Those of you who follow Life Without Borders know that Toronto FC's public address announcer is none other than our own Mason! Mason was the PA announcer for the Colorado Rapids (also MLS). People from Maple Leaf Sports, which owns Toronto FC, were blown away by his audition and scooped him up just in time for the start of the season. Don't believe me? Check this out!

How cool that a newcomer to Toronto and to Canada is already so involved in the life of the city. Of course, Nick is also integral to Toronto. But he's only helping troubled families and children live normal lives. Nothing as important as announcing for a soccer team.**

I don't follow soccer, but I was pleased that Toronto's team was given a proper football name, not the silly nicknames that so many teams are forced to carry. From the looks of it, Toronto FC has a built-in fan base, hungry for footie and ready to rabidly support the home club.

Perhaps Mason will stop by and tell us about announcing the team's very first goal.

Now for Maple Leaf Sports to realize that Mason should be announcing Leafs games, too...

* By throwing their souvenir seat cushions onto the field!
** Why is it anytime I use sarcasm in a post, I'm afraid readers won't get it?

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