Are you incredibly rude or just plain stupid?

You are not welcome here - not because I disagree with your opinions, but because you were unwilling or unable to engage in civil discourse. Only a fool would let a stranger speak to her the way you spoke to me, and I am not a fool.

There's no squirreling out of it, claiming I'm being too sensitive or flying off the handle (as if your judgment of that matters): I have the written proof.

Everything you post will always be deleted. Make it easier on both of us and go away. Permanently.

* * * *

Everyone else:

When Lone Primate was over for dinner the other night, the three of us imagined the conversation as it might have happened, if GaryStJ had behaved normally. How he might have phrased his initial questions, and then his later responses, and what an interesting discussion might have then ensued. Indeed, it could have been classic wmtc material - different viewpoints, discussed by intelligent, literate people, fleshing out their own and each other's ideas.

Oh well.

* * * *

SSOTD: We are permanent residents in Canada and my father who is permanent resident died shortly after we got our PR Card

Sorry about your dad. That's not a good search string.

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