paralympics again

Most of the email I get through this blog is very friendly and supportive. Recently I heard from one of the assistant coaches of Canada's sled hockey team. He thanked me - and everyone who left comments - for our support, and also wrote:
As assistant coach of Team Canada in Torino, I can say it was an amazing experience and I know for a fact every single player/staff and family/friends who were in Torino supporting the team and communicating back with those in Canada were extremely disappointed with the lack of media coverage.

Even the CBC crew following us around in Torino noted that CBC had 'many' calls and emails of complaint that the games were not televised live.

We have now heard though they will be covering gold medal game on April 15th on CBC Sports Saturday (I believe at 3PM) and apparently there is a Paralympic highlight show this weekend [which would have been last weekend] as well on same show? Not 100% sure on that one yet. . . . .

Thanks for your comments and support for Paralympics and athletes. There are tons of great inspirational athletes there that deserve as much or more attention than any Olympian.

Mark Gallant
Assistant Coach – Hockey Canada Paralympic Sledge Team
How could it feel to represent your country in a huge international sports competition, win a gold medal, yet know that the national media didn't see fit to broadcast your accomplishments? I felt cheated that I couldn't watch the Paralympics. How do the Paralympic athletes feel?

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