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This morning I was supposed to meet my brother and sister-in-law at Pearson. They were flying to Vancouver, with a layover in Toronto. Their flight was coincidentally, but perfectly, timed for me to meet them for coffee and have the car back by the time Allan needed it for work.

But no. They had to cancel their vacation, because Marcie's dad is having major heart surgery on Monday. Marcie, who posts here as "mkk", emailed me this morning.
When I called Air Canada to cancel our reservations, the woman first responded that it would be no problem and that, in view of the situation, she would waive the cancellation fee. She then expressed concern for my father and wished him well, and, of course, I thanked her.

I found myself amazed that she did not ask for a letter from my father's surgeon, notarized in triplicate, with a copy of the operative report and of my birth certificate (proving that he is, in fact, my father).

It was as though it never occurred to her that I may not be telling the truth. Life happens. People have loved ones who need surgery, and travel plans change. Air Canada apparently understands that, and they will continue to get my business. Good public relations breeds loyal customers. It's as simple as that.
Marcie thought there was a certain wmtc-esque quality to this email, and I agree.

I know all our best wishes go out to Marcie's mom and dad, and the whole mkk clan.


Marnie said...

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop: "But then Air Canada said they had no record of waiving the fee and so we were charged extra for ..." etc. (Really, how often do we hear good Air Canada stories?) Glad to hear things turned out well there, and I'm hoping for good results from the surgery.

laura k said...

I told Marcie to expect the inevitable Air Canada horror stories. I'm sure they'll be coming around...

RossK said...


I had a very bad experience of being yanked off an Air Canada plane at Pearson due to overselling recently.

I tried, in vain (was on a cheap, almost stand-by ticket) to get on another plane all day long (was a Friday, just before spring break).

Finally, on the edge of reason as darkness fell, I was waved over to a kiosk by a very nicelady who fixed it all in seconds by putting me in business class on the next flight to Lotusland.

As I was getting ready to rush for the gate I had to stop for a second and ask.....

"Why did you help me when no one else would?"

She just smiled and didn't say a word.

She did however flip over her lapel.

Underneath her Air Canada pin on the flip side was another pin.

It said Canadian.

Scott M. said...

It said Canadian.

Bingo. Anytime I've had a good experience with Air Canada it was with former Canadian Airlines folks.

Sad isn't it?

Anyone remember Wardair? Them's good people too.