what i'm watching: the emperor penguins

Speaking of nature, has everyone here seen March Of The Penguins? We watched it last night, and it was as spectacular as I had heard. The movie itself left me with some questions, but the story is so mind-boggling, the landscape and animals so magnificent, that it hardly matters. This must be nature at its most beautiful and most mysterious.

The filmmaking itself is an outsized creative feat. The DVD contains a long "making of" movie called Of Penguins And Men. It was a little overdone for our tastes, but it answers a lot of questions that you find yourself asking. (How did they get the underwater shots? How close did the penguins allow them?)

At one point the filmmakers stay out too late and are caught in a winter storm: it takes them six hours to travel one kilometer. Even with all the high-tech deep-cold equipment - the Goretex, the special eyewear, the GPS technology - an emergency rescue team is required. They sustain severe frostbite and injuries, and clearly would have perished. Humans think they rule this planet, but we are always humbled by nature.


Granny said...

I sent the movie back and forgot about the documentary. I may get it back again.

Echomouse said...

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noone said...

I saw it and LOVED IT. I especially loved the "making of" part of the DVD.

One of the bloggers I read has a brother who does what those french men do. He's stationed there too. She shares photos of his adventures sometimes. It's incredible to see and read about. Her blog is at http://critterchick.carlandleslie.com/ if you're ever interested in checking out another blog :)

Andrea said...

I havent seen it yet but have heard great things.
It is definitly on my list of to sees.

Nicole said...

I saw it in the theatre- need to rent it to see the documenary. Amazing stuff isn't it?

Masnick96 said...

I got to watch it this week while I was sick...it was an amazing little film. I was in awe of how those penguins survive.