final piece

We have appointments today with a nearby family doctor. If we like her - or, if I like her, since it's more important to me - the last piece of our settling-in puzzle will be in place. This was the issue I was most concerned about, because I've had bad doctors, and finding a good one changed my life, and because I heard it was very difficult to find a doctor who's accepting new patients in the Toronto area.

I wasn't seriously worried, as there are walk-in clinics everywhere. I went to trouble and expense to make sure we had a good six-months' supply of all our medications, and just hoped for the best.

As it turned out, there were several doctors accepting new patients in Mississauga. Now I'm crossing my fingers that I like this one, or enough to start out, anyway.

It will be our first time using our wonderful and amazing Ontario Health cards.

* * * *

Back in the Old Country, 26.9 inches of snow fell in Central Park in 24 hours - breaking the previous record set in 1869! Can't say I'm sorry I missed that.


Scott M. said...

So... how'd it go? Did the process go as you expected it to?

laura k said...

It went well, thanks for asking!

It was what I expected - forms, questions, etc. The doc seems fair enough, although one never really knows til something changes, but I'm satisfied to go back.

This was just a new-patient consultation. We have appts for physicals in about a month. Onward!