time to temp

Ah well. All good things come to an end. Writing full-time was incredible, and now the bubble has burst.

Remember Ancient Civs? I was writing a volume for a Junior Encyclopedia series, to be published by Disney Worldwide Publishing. I wrote my first book in the project shortly before we moved, and that income allowed us to not work for six weeks when we first got here. Brilliant.

I was immediately offered a second book, and was supposed to start work in early September. September turned to October, and then November. In November, they asked for the first step, instant turnaround, so it could be approved before the holidays. (Yeah, right.)

In December they said January. Throughout January they said "hopefully soon".

Last week my editor - who is also a freelancer - said, "Disney has turned into a black hole of information. If you're offered other work, don't turn it down." Hmm.

Today, she said goodbye, at least for now.

From the email I just received from the project coordinator:
With the recent restructuring at Disney, the Encyclopedia project has been suspended.

This means that the projects 'in progress', are now 'on stand-by', with the obvious fear that it may become permanent.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Encyclopedia project will one day continue in some form, for everyone has worked so hard on such a wonderful concept.
This means the volumes we already completed may never be published, and a big chunk of my projected income just disappeared. What a drag.

On the other hand... It was enormously challenging and rewarding work, I learned a lot, added a great credit to my writing resume, alleviated tons of stress and pressure from our first weeks in Canada, and learned what it's like to be a full-time writer. In addition, the editor and I really enjoyed working together, and she'll likely call me for future work. There's a lot to be happy about.

Now it's time to earn some money. My Kids On Wheels work is fun and interesting, but not well paid.

Readers in the GTA with connections to copyediting, proofreading or word processing are invited to email. Next week: temp agencies.


Andrea said...

Well it sucks that it is not continuing but (clapping hands) to you for putting in the effort you did. Way to go. I hope your new friendships work out to be good job opportunities. Good luck.

Echomouse said...

I'm sorry about the work difficulties.

I don't know anyone in the field but have a link to share, in case it's helpful. I'm thinking there might be writing ops. If it's not helpful, just ignore it ;)

Ferdzy said...

Sorry to hear about that. No contacts, I'm afraid. Just lots of good wishes for something fun and lucrative to pop up soon.

mkk said...


I'm sorry about this disappointing news, but I'm glad you have such a healthy attitude about it all. I hope you find a great new project.

I just lent my two Kids on Wheels books to a colleague at work, and she loves them! Please remind me where the project is heading now. Is it a monthly magazine, like New Mobility?

laura k said...

It's the ups and downs of freelancing. You can't get too worked up about these things.

In 2005, KOW came out twice, at six-month intervals. In 2006 it will be quarterly, beginning with the issue coming out soon.

If 2006 is successful, the magazine will be published every-other month in 2007.

Glad to hear your colleague enjoyed it!

laura k said...

Thanks everybody for your good wishes. Echo Mouse, thank you for the link. :)