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Last night was fun. The distillery district seems great, much more interesting than the standard brick-mill-turned-mall. Because the pipes and smokestacks from the old distillery have been preserved, the area has a real Victorian industrial feel.

We had a nice dinner and walked around a little, but we'll look around more (translation: look for earrings) when we're there during the day. That's easily done, since our theatre subscription is for previews and matinees. As a repertory company, Soulpepper has lots of weekday matinees. Ah, midweek matinees: how to feel young.

The Government Inspector is a really funny play, and the adaptation was fast and campy, full of topical references. The production was very good, and gives me a good feeling about the season.

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Unknown said...

I've seen one Soulpepper show--last season's Hamlet--and I was quite simply in love. They're a wonderful company. Between them and Stratford, I was very very impressed by the quality of theatre up there.