what i'm watching: rick mercer, geena davis

Cody forgot to wake me this morning! (Sure, blame the dog.) (But it's true.) Now I'm a little pressed for time, so I'll be brief.

We watched Rick Mercer again last night. What can I tell you? You folks bring the warm glow of a shared history. I come to the show with the cold, hard eyes of a stranger. First everyone said The Mercer Report was hilarious. Then when I didn't find it very funny, everyone said, well, it's not that he's so funny, it's that he's so trenchant and witty, and he tells it like it is. Well, to my ears, he's not trenchant and he's not even especially witty. He's mildly amusing at best, and mostly states the obvious.

Tuesday nights, however, might bring me back to a network. The movie we had planned to watch sucked, and I remembered that I've wanted to see "Commander In Chief" - you know, Geena Davis as the President of the US, Donald Sutherland (Canadian) as the neo-conservative Speaker of the House. I've caught little bits of a few episodes, but never saw a show all the way through, and have wanted to. Excellent timing on my sporadically functioning memory: it was a repeat of the series opener.

I really enjoyed the show and I'd like to watch the whole season in re-runs. I could use a new TV drama. I watched ER for many years, then Law & Order, and now it's time for something new. I think the serial dramas are what network television does best; the writing and acting are often stellar. Here's hoping ABC is re-running the whole first season.

Swimming is going great. The Mississauga Y is fabulous and I am loving hopping in the car and being there in 15 minutes. I used to schlep on the subway to swim - unheard of in New York, where everyone walks to their health club from either home or work, but there was no pool in our old neighbourhood. My current arrangement is a huge improvement, as are the pool and facilities themselves. Imagine that a YMCA is nicer than a private health club on Manhattan's Upper West Side! Ah, suburban life.

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about Canada in the late 1860s and early 1870s, although I should put "Canada" in quotes, as it was more idea than nation at the time. I don't have a lot of time to read, so I'll be working my way through these books for a long time, but I'm really getting a lot out of it.

Weather watch: this morning when I walked Cody it was bright, sunny and -8 degrees Celsius (17 F). A little cold. I'm not complaining. Just observing.

I have a few other scintillating tidbits (sarcasm) to impart, but now I must get to work. We are spending the afternoon with some friends of wmtc, and I promised myself I'd work for a couple of hours before I left. Details tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Interesting - I found a book last night called "What Christmas Means to Canadians", stores about Christmas and how traditions came to Canada.

Don't quote me on the name of the book, but since it was in the store, it caught my eye and loved it. I'm going to seek to see if I can get it at the library or at least half price.

We are excited as yesterday it was up to 6c in Vancouver! yeah..

hemlock said...

Ooooh -7 as cold? Although you are in one of the warmer parts of Ontario....it can still get awfully cold. I thought -29oC was cold until I moved up here. Now that's the guideline for plugging the car in!!

We reached -47oC last winter...now that's cold!

I hope you enjoy your first Canadian winter, although I'm not sure that it will differ that much from New York. I honestly have no idea.

Scott M. said...

As long as you like Corner Gas, you can't be that bad...

tijo said...

Isn't the weather pretty much comparable to NYC? I suppose you get an extra chill from the wind off the lake though! brrrr

Anonymous said...

Well, I woke up in Brooklyn this morning and it was 19F. Not terribly different. Nor terribly cold for me. But then I love winter. Growing up in Syracuse will do that. Perhaps part of the reason I agreed to the idea of immigrating north.


Anonymous said...

P.S.: I really enjoy Commander in Chief. What with the political situation here, that and the West Wing are all I have for a pretend world where politicos in power actually care about their constituents. And the elected government actually spends money on its own people and not the business of killing other people. Geena Davis is delightful. Donald Sutherland is wonderfully evil. All he's missing is a moustach he can twirl while he tries to tie Ms Davis to the railroad tracks. 'Course she's probably six inches taller than him (or anyone else...I hear she's a giant) so I'm not sure how successful he'd be. I'm babbling now...


laura k said...

Ok, folks. Here it is.

I love winter. I prefer cold weather to hot weather any day. That's one reason (one of many) Canada works for me.

On the other hand, I have no intentions of living in Winnipeg or out there with Dogsled Stacie. (Although I'm sure it's amazingly beautiful in the Yukon, I don't think I could live there.)

Yes, it seems like Toronto winter will be like winter in New York City, although a bit colder, and probably a bit longer.

And yes, it was -7 and I thought it was cold. Our house is a little too cold right now. I can put on a lot of layers, but my hands get too cold to type comfortably. Hopefully we'll fix that soon.

As long as you like Corner Gas, you can't be that bad...

I should hope I'm not that bad! :)

laura k said...

And Geena Davis is awesome. Gorgeous, talented and twice my height. Ooh baby!

laura k said...

P.S. I do the weather report for long-distance friends, especially folks in the US. They want to know!

David Cho said...

Hey Laura!

Got new pictures of Noah :-)