"escape to canada"

I just got an email from the director of an upcoming film called "Escape To Canada". I guess he's looking for escapees to help plug his movie. I don't know anything about it, but I'm game.

From the Trailervision website:
When America isn't America anymore...
Where do you go?

Although there's been an explosion of press about Americans looking to move to Canada, Americans have been fleeing the US since the previous election. Canada, normally a quiet, out of the way place, has suddenly become cool. Hundreds of "reefer refugees", gay couples and AWOL soldiers have been arriving in different cities around the country. At the same time, a profound change is taking place in Canada.

Canada now has marijuana cafes in every major city; gay marriage is legal from coast to coast; topless women are not the issue they are in the US. The government is on the verge of decriminalizing pot.

The idea that Canada is the real freedom-loving country in North America has re-ignited and the double combo of gay marriage and relaxed marijuana laws is changing Canada. Escape to Canada, the documentary is about North America's new battle for freedom. Canada is increasingly the focal point for personal freedom issues - over the right to gay marriage, the war on drugs, even the freedom for women to go topless. But is Canada really free?

From the creators of the hit documentary Stupidity, Escape to Canada is the dramatic chronicle of the new century's battle for hope and freedom.

Escape to Canada
80 Minutes
A Elevator Films
Canal D, Documentary Channel, National Film Board, Movie Central
Release date: Fall, Winter 2005
Watch the trailer here.


barefoot hiker said...

From the creators of the hit documentary Stupidity, Escape to Canada...

"Stupidity, Escape to Canada"? Is that like "Frailty, thy name is woman"? I'm guessing this is just an unfortunate juxtaposition of two movie titles... but maybe it isn't. :)

Better keep Bill O'Reilly in the dark on this one, just in case. ;)

Unknown said...

Ah yes - Thanks for sharing. Just like Bill's O'Reilly too afraid to speak with George Clooney. He can pick his challenges but if he can't win he declines.

barefoot hiker said...

Bill won't speak with George? Really? I hadn't heard that. Got a link? I bet that would make for satisfying reading. :)

Scott M. said...

Holy crow! The trailer makes it sound as if we have some secret gestapo, some undercurrent of a secret government society which is controlling our policies in coordination with the states.

In short, the trailer looks like the documentary is anti-Canadian.

I wonder whether or not it actually will be?

hemlock said...

Where are these pot cafes??? I haven't heard about this.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Slightly off topic, it looks like lucky transit passengers across the states are about to benefit from the same kind of "protection" that was recently demonstrated in Miami:

Air marshals to patrol trains, buses