anniversary plans

We decided that a special dinner was the way to go for our upcoming anniversary. Perhaps in 2007 - number 20! - we'll go away for a few days, but for 2006 we'll be wining and dining in T.O.

For the very special restaurant experience we're looking for, the consensus at Chowhound was Splendido. I got names of several other restaurants that sound very good, but Splendido seems to be the favourite.

They're closed during the holidays, so our anniversary dinner will be a week late. No problem.

So just now I called to make a reservation.

After taking our information, the man asked, "Will you be celebrating a special occasion?"

"Why yes," I said, "it's our anniversary - our first in Canada."

And he said... "Ah, I saw your post at Chowhound. Thank you for choosing us."


How small is this town? Or perhaps the question should be, how big is Chowhound?


Marnie said...

Wild!! :)

Crabbi said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fabulous evening.

Chowhound says they have 800,000 unique visitors per month. I knew they were big, but that's really big.

James Redekop said...

By the way, we drove about a block away from Splendido during the driving tour. When I pointed out the new Grad Residence at the University, Splendido was a block or so the other way on that street.

Right across the street, at 87 Harbord, is a shop called Ms Emma's. It's Lori's favourite clothing store (here's an example). You should definitely drop in when you have a chance.