"having drinks at the same bar"

Once again, Mr Zinn nails it. While I'm still in the US - and after I leave - I pledge to do everything in my power to stop this insane war. What could be more important?


Ana/Alessandro said...

Hi Laura,
I would like to say I really appreciate your visit to our blog! :)
I don't know English very well, but I need to learn it, so I will visit your blog many times, ok?
I see that you are moving to Canada, and if you need any help or information, pls let me know.


laura k said...

Well Anna, your English looks pretty good to me - a whole lot better than my Portugese!

How long have you been in Canada? How are you finding the adjustment? I think it must be a bigger adjustment moving from Brazil than from the US.

I'd be honored if you read my blog from time to time to improve your English skills.

laura k said...

Ana's blog, by the way: Live In Canada.