bad news!

Ack! I can't blog on my iPAQ! For some reason, Blogger.com doesn't communicate with Pocket Explorer, the browser on the iPAQ. This means I can't sit in Starbucks with my lovely iPAQ and my T-Mobile Wireless account and blog. I would have to compose a post in Pocket Word, then post it when I'm home and can sync with my desktop.

I'm annoyed.

Apparently once upon a time there was something called Pocket Blogger, but I don't know if it still exists. I'm investigating.

Meanwhile, enjoy this from the Simpsons, courtesy of Uggabugga. (Scroll down a bit.) This is what I thought Redsock would post, but I don't think he ever saw the comment.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Actually, I saw this episode. I thought that was pretty funny.

You know that Fox News once tried to sue the Simpsons? Funny that one branch of the same company would try to sue another branch.

Anyway, I return the favour for metioning my new blog with this post (and I even mention Allen's book!): http://progressivelibertarian.blogspot.com/2004/12/suggested-reading.html

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

What about emailing posts? You can both send and recieve posts via email. It's not quite the same, but it would work.

Go to the dashbord, and under the settings tab choose "email".

laura k said...

Thanks, I'll try it! I never would have thought of that. And thanks for the mention, too - I'll check it out.