the 51st state

Before the election, my friend Spencer remarked that if Bush won, it was time for NYC to secede from the United States, as moving to Canada is so complicated. Now Spencer writes:
Still in post-election soul-searching. How far am I willing to go to win this country back? Far enough to talk about religion? about family values? About moral certainty, absolute truth? How much am I willing, really, to forgo my beloved liberal "nuance" in order to win over the center?

How much do I really want to win this country back? I feel like it's a bit like that hardbody contest in Texas, where people have to stand with their hand on a huge pickup truck for days and the last one to let go wins the truck. In the end, it's still a gas-guzzling monstrosity for which I have little use, and unless I can transform it somehow into a metrocard it's really just a liability. If this country is as full of idiots as it would appear, then its prospects for transformation seem dim.

Secession is really the best policy I think. We could do without the red states, and we can solve the problem of landfill space by expanding battery park. After all, we'll have to support a huge refugee population from San Francisco.
I love that analogy.

For more on secession, read this excellent story.


Anonymous said...


I came across your blog accidently-however I find it very interesting. I'm from Canada-living in Oakville, Ontario right next to Mississauga.

I'm a true hard-core suburbanite but I can understand why it would seem weird to someone who has lived in the city (especially NYC)

Have you looked into the Beaches area of Toronto? It's really nice-a dog lovers paradise (for the dogs too!)

It's located on the east side of Toronto around Queen St E.

I was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga and they are all great places.

Just thought I would let you know about another option instead of moving out to the burbs.

Take care.


laura k said...

Thanks Janelle! I will definitely check that out. We're coming up next month to look at more apartments in Mississauga (and maybe Oakville, Markham and Brampton). We can also see what rents look like in that area.

Can I ask you where you found this blog? Just curious. If you want to email me privately, please do: landa@earthlink.net.

Thanks again. It's nice to hear from a future neighbor.