wmtc election prediction comes out of the closet

Throughout the past year, I have been predicting that the next election, whenever it came, would bring a Liberal minority. Most people I know have been saying - with great certainty - that it will be a Conservative majority. I continued to believe there would be a Liberal minority, although I started to feel shy about saying so.

This is true. Allan can confirm this.

During the past few weeks, I stopped saying "Liberal minority" out loud. But that was only from peer pressure, not because I actually changed my opinion. With everyone around me chirping "Tory majority, Tory majority," I felt silly out on a limb all by myself, saying "Liberal minority". But I've continued to think it all along.

In the last couple of weeks, some of the Tory-majority-ers have changed their tune to Tory minority. So now I'm coming out.

Liberal minority. That's where we're headed. This is what I think. I may be wrong. But at least I'm on record in case I'm right.

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