peace is much less expensive

Imagine what Canada could do with 18 billion dollars.

What would you do for the country with $18 billion? Buy some stocks?

Meanwhile, all the Harper Conservatives can do is ridicule St├ęphane Dion's hearing loss. I am hoping Canadians will be smarter - and kinder - than that. If all you have to offer is a dig at another man's physical disability - which doesn't affect his intelligence, his ideas or his integrity - you are not fit for public office.

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Readers are bombarding me with links about strategic voting and proportional representation. They've all been mentioned here, either in posts or in comments, and I'm sure most wmtc readers in Canada have seen them, here and elsewhere. The folks at Orphan Voters are now bordering on spam. Even in the service of democracy, it's bad blogging.

Here you go:

Vote For Environment

Pair Vote

And of course, why strategic voting shouldn't be necessary: Fair Vote Canada, which sponsors Orphan Voters.

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