paul krugman wins nobel prize in economics

Paul Krugman, a progressive economist turned accidental activist, has won the 2008 Nobel Prize in economics.

I rarely post news so easily seen in all the mainstream sources, but Krugman is a special case. Way back in the early days of this blog, when I was much more oriented towards US events and politics than Canada's, I was forever quoting Krugman and posting his columns. He's one of the great consistently progressive voices in the US mainstream media.

A quick search of past wmtc posts turned up far too many Krugman mentions to link to them all, but here's a selection.

Kansas and the Tooth Fairy

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An Academic Question (on the myth of liberal media bias)

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And more: on privatizing social security, on Wal-Mart and New Orleans, on the great revulsion, on on election fraud, on fascist politics in the US, on the European economy.

There's more, but I'll stop now. The links are to old wmtc posts, but you should be able to access or read the columns from there.

Krugman battled with his editor at the Times, Daniel Okrent, who wanted Krugman to soften his anti-Bush language. I remember there was a big sticking point over the word "liar". Can't call the resident of the White House a liar.

Congratulations to Mr Krugman, a great writer and a voice for justice, democracy and sanity.

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