petition: free robin long

Robin Long's lawyer, James Branum, has started a petition: "Free Robin Long". It reads:
This petition is addressed to the incoming new President of the United States, requesting that he grant a presidential pardon to Robin Long.

Robin Long was the first US soldier to go to Canada to flee the war in Iraq, to later be deported (arguably extradited) back to the United States.

Robin was court-martialed for desertion at Ft. Carson, Colorado and sentenced to 15 months in prison. He is currently serving his time at the Miramar Consolidated brig near San Diego.

We are writing to add our voices of support to the thousands that are requesting that you grant a Presidential pardon to Robin Long, a member of the US Army who is currently serving 15 months in prison because he fled to Canada rather than participate in the war in Iraq.

We believe that Robin's sentence is unfair and disproportionate. Many who commit serious violent crimes such as rape and murder have been given lower sentence than Robin, but Robin's only "crime" is to refuse to participate in a war.

Please do the right thing.

P.S. More information on his case can be found at: Free Robin Long.

Demonstrating popular support is a key part of the war resisters' cases. Please show your support for Robin, and for all war resisters, by signing this petition.

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