two blogs of note

I want to call your attention to two new blogs, both written by friends of mine.

Dale Landry, a war resister originally from Texas, now living in Toronto, writes The Voice of Change. Dale is a very active resister; he does a lot of public speaking, outreach, lobbying and whatever else needs doing for the Campaign. We have to keep Dale in Canada, as I'm pretty sure he's a future MP.

The Enid Bloomelle Blog is written by one "Enid Bloomelle," a pseudonym for another ex-pat USian finding her way in T.O. Enid has interesting observations to share, but she's a bit shy, hence the fake name. I'm urging her to open comments, so you can all help her come out of her shell.

I've stopped using Blogger's "Following" function, but I've put both Dale and Enid on my iGoogle feed. So I'm following them, I'm just not Following them.

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