how to "win" a debate: say little and smirk often

According to two letter-writers in today's Globe and Mail, the best thing you can do during a debate is be quiet, react as little as possible, and say nothing of substance.

The worst thing you can do is ask questions, point out flaws in your opponent's record and logic, and put forth your own plan. And don't interrupt! That is bad manners, tsk tsk, best not vote for a party with a poorly-mannered leader!

I can only hope these people would be voting Conservative no matter what, and would use whatever they saw in the debates to support their position, which cannot be supported by facts.

As Impudent Strumpet pointed out in comments, this man will "probably" unveil his platform one week before election day, and the day after advance voting ends.

He's a disgrace. If most people's current predictions are right - which I'm not conceding - and we're headed for another Tory minority, then I must hope it's a small, weak minority, a volatile government, the Liberals get themselves a real leader, and Harper II is very short-lived.

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