harper on the ropes

Here's a nice string of anti-Conservative letters from today's Globe and Mail.
So the Conservatives have unveiled their new financial plan for the economy: "The True North Strong and Free: Stephen Harper's Plan for Canadians" (Tories Woo Manufacturing, Vow To Remake Senate - online, Oct. 7). What, was "Canada, Love It or Leave It" unavailable?

Terry Sherbino, Penticton, B.C.


Regardless of the merits or flaws of this platform, announcing it at this stage in a campaign is unacceptable. Some Canadians have voted in advance polls without full disclosure of the Prime Minister's plans. Where is the media outrage at the timing?

James Smith, Burlington, Ont.


The precise choice of words reveals the writer's priorities. Many advisers, policy-makers and spin doctors carefully crafted the Conservative plan released yesterday. A search of that document finds the word "crime(s)" appearing 17 times.

"Climate change" isn't mentioned.

Gay Harley, Hubbards, N.S.

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