what one community did to support u.s. war resisters in canada

Many of the Toronto-area war resisters live in Parkdale, where they enjoy strong support from their neighbours, including their MP, Peggy Nash. Earlier this month, local residents held an event to show that support, to speak out on behalf of their war resister friends and neighbours, and to urge Canada to Let Them Stay. I was unable to attend, so I was very happy to receive this video.

Did you ever wonder why the War Resisters Support Campaign has so many great videos? We are incredibly fortunate that one of our core Campaigners is the talented activist filmmaker Alex Lisman.

Alex films every Campaign event and produces huge numbers of special projects (like Corey Glass' appeal to Stephen Harper). He also made the Campaign's outreach and promotional film, Let Them Stay, among other films.

I can't imagine how the Campaign would have gotten this far without Alex's filmmaking talent and unflagging hard work, along with his ideas and organizing skills.

You can see a whole slew of Alex Lisman videos here on the War Resister Support Campaign YouTube channel.

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