dear stockwell day

Impudent Strumpet asked why we are suddenly asking people to call and email Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day. I neglected to explain this!

Once the refugee claimant's final appeal is denied, the case is turned over to Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for removal. CBSA falls under the Public Safety Ministry.

Apparently Robin Long is a threat to public safety! For anyone who knows Robin, this is obviously sarcastic. He's a very laid-back, hippie kind of guy. A threat to no one.

* * * *

To the Honourable Minister Day:

I am writing to urge you to stop removal proceedings against Robin Long, resident of Nelson, BC.

Mr. Long has lived in Canada for two years and has a Canadian-born son. If returned to the United States, Mr. Long faces court martial, imprisonment and possible deployment to Iraq against his will.

On June 3, a majority in the House of Commons passed a motion calling on the Government to allow people who have refused to participate in a war not sanctioned by the United Nations to remain in Canada, and for all deportation proceedings against such people to cease.

A recent poll showed that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Canadian people agree with this.

Whether or not you personally believe Mr. Long should be deported, you must respect the democratic process and the will of the Canadian people.

Mr. Day, do you work for the Canadian people, or do you work for George Bush?


Laura Kaminker
[address and phone number]

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