rush-hour rally says let them stay!

We had a great turn-out in Toronto yesterday, where a human chain up University Avenue demonstrated support for Robin Long, Corey Glass and all the war resisters in Canada. We estimate about 300-350 people came out, with about 250 there at any given time. Spread out in single file facing the street, all holding signs and placards in the air, that creates a big visual statement.

There was tremendous support from passers-by - many people grabbing signs and joining the line! Drivers stopped at the red light rolled down their windows to take flyers, and people honked car horns in support. Cab drivers seemed particularly excited! As so many cab drivers are immigrants themselves, I wonder if the issue of deportation hits home for them.

Our friend M@ was there, as were Tom and Emilio from Canadian Hope, and Kim_in_TO from My Canada Includes Justice. That made it an extra fun event for me. Thanks, guys!

This Tuesday, July 15, Robin Long will go to court, then we'll wait to learn if his hearing is successful. Given what happened with Corey, I'm optimistic, but then, I'm always optimistic about this. I believe we are going to win.

But as always, I remind myself and all of you: the fight is not over. Not until there's a policy in place that allows US war resisters to remain legally in Canada.

If anyone has reports from any other cities, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

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