breaking news: corey glass to stay in canada!!!

We sat on pins and needles all last night and all today, but it was worth it... because Corey Glass will remain in Canada.

Early this afternoon, Corey Glass and his counsel received word that Corey will not be deported to the United States. The deportation has been stayed indefinitely so his applications for appeal can be heard in court.

I don't have details of the decision yet; I'll post them as soon as I do.

But don't change your plans for tomorrow: your action is still needed. As of this writing, War Resister Robin Long remains in a BC jail cell, awaiting deportation. The fate of hundreds of other war resisters in Canada, many with families with young children, is still undecided.

Join us tomorrow night, to celebrate this good news, and to protest deportation of any war resisters.

Prime Minister Harper, CIC Minister Finley: do the right thing. Implement the motion passed by a majority of Parliamentarians on June 3, and create a provision so all the Iraq War resisters can stay.

Details as soon as I have them!

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