deadlines of all sorts

The MLB trade deadline is today at 4:00, and few Red Sox fans think Manny Ramirez will be in a Sox uniform tomorrow. I'm sad and pissed off about this, and the Sox being mired in a losing skid doesn't help.

Normally Allan would spend today glued to his computer, but we've had plans to get out of the house and I'm hoping to keep them.

I'm determined to give myself one day off each week - one day neither writing nor day-job. I may not be able to do this in September as my deadline approaches, but for now it's still possible. Last week my day off was spent doing household chores and reading in the backyard, not something I want to make a habit. And in keeping with my goal of a hike in a park once a month, an outing today would sneak July in under the wire.

But will Allan leave the house? I'm offering to bring a laptop and find an internet connection in the afternoon. We shall see.

If you're interested in the roller-coaster-soap-opera of Manny and the Sox, by all means visit Joy of Sox. I'm all talked out about it, and will resist explaining things in comments.

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