he refused to comply, since he had a broken spine.

I'm sure Canadian readers all read about the death by taser of a teenage boy in Winnipeg. His murderers, some Winnipeg police, visited his mother that night, but didn't even tell her that her son was already dead.

I saw a letter in the G&M saying that since the victim had used drugs and allegedly threatened officers with a screwdriver (originally reported as a knife), "he made his choice".

Apparently a teenaged boy chose to forgo arrest, charges, representation, hearing, trial and sentencing. He chose to skip all that bureaucratic nonsense and just be executed in the street. In a country which doesn't have the death penalty. An odd choice, but hey, who I am to judge.

That story was about as low as it gets, but James sent me one that would be even more outrageous, had the victim died. Police in Missouri tasered a 16-year-old boy who was lying on the ground with a broken back, having fallen from a bridge.

The original news story here is crazy slow to load, so I recommend this story at Boing Boing.

When will these lethal weapons be banned? How many more people will die before we take them out of cops' hands?

Truth, Not Tasers has some good news.

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