advice, part 5

In wmtc's latest "advice on emigrating to Canada," I want to highlight how much I don't know.

1. My information is getting old. We landed almost three years ago (!), which means we applied almost five years ago. The process of immigrating to Canada - like everything else in life - is always changing. I urge you to check and double-check any information you find here with CIC.

As I said here, this is way too important a decision to base your knowledge on what I, or anyone else, tells you. Use the official info.

2. If you are interested in getting a temporary work permit, moving to Canada, then applying for Permanent Residence while living in Canada, Adam from Canadian Boomdiada has written about his experience so far here and solicited reader information about it here.

Over the years that I've been blogging, I've heard stories from many people who did this and had quite a bit of trouble getting their Permanent Residence status settled - although they all eventually got it. However, Adam has heard many stories attesting to exactly the opposite, and other commenters at Canadian Boomdiada agree.

This is the perfect example of how my information might be outdated, or a skewed sample, or something else.

The work permit route was never an option for Allan and me, so I have no personal knowledge of it, only secondhand.

3. I will be posting some thoughts on the Conservatives' recent changes to Canadian immigration coming soon, so please hold those comments for the next thread.

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