jeannie's sunrise b&b, port au choix, newfoundland

We do have photos from Newfoundland, I promise. I am under the gun on the Spinal Network project, and struggling to maintain some down-time (exercise, reading) and my sanity. Getting photos organized and online is usually my department, but this time it's Allan's. So you'll see the photos... at some point.

Yesterday I started reading John Gimlette's Theatre of Fish, a memoir - travelogue - meditation on Newfoundland and Labrador, so this seems like a good time to cross something off my long to-write list.

If you visit the west coast of Newfoundland, I highly recommend spending a day or more in Port Aux Choix, especially if you're interested in native peoples, ancient history and archeology. And while you're there, you'll want to see if Jeannie's Sunrise B&B has any vacancies.

In Newfoundland, we stayed in both bed-and-breakfasts and motels. The B&B's were all lovely, and some were outstanding. The nightly crabfest put on by our wacky host in Bonavista was an experience we won't soon forget, although at our next stop, Twillingate, we were ready for the bland anonymity of a motel. There's such a thing as too much local flavour.

But among all our accommodations, one stands out: Jeannie's Sunrise B&B. If I were going to dream up the perfect little B&B, this would be it. (I wrote a little about Jeannie herself here.)

Some B&B's are stuffed with over-the-top attempts at charm and elegance. I don't need to be surrounded by priceless antiques and rugs; I don't even prefer it. On the other hand, some B&B's really feel like you're staying in someone's spare bedroom (because you are). I definitely prefer the spare bedroom to the overly ornate house, but it's sometimes a little too cozy. You can feel like you're in the way. Jeannie strikes the perfect balance - homey and comfortable, with just a touch of pampering.

The house is beautiful, full of colour and light, which pours in through skylights and picture windows. There are several breakfast options (not the case in all B&Bs), and whatever you choose, Jeannie will whip it up fresh in her immaculate kitchen. Guests can share tables and sitting areas and get to know each other, but if you prefer a quiet breakfast, Jeannie will respect your privacy.

Next door, Jeannie has a beautiful cottage for an astoundingly inexpensive rate. It's quite large, with a spacious kitchen and sitting area. The B&B also has wireless internet access.

And, in a place where friendliness and warmth is the norm, Jeannie stands out as the friendliest host of the trip.

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