new friend of wmtc

More Americans going to Canada!

But not yet. They're just considering it.

Yeah, right.


lachen said...

Hello L-girl. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. It is always a blessing and priviledge to be invited somewhere, though I tend to leave the welcome mat out on mine to about anyone.

I understand, after reading a bit here (about 40 posts and their comments sections) what you were aiming to communicate to me on my own blog.

I have not encountered in my reading of your blog the catalyst - if there was one identified - for your imminent move? Was it any one specific event or a general trend away from the generally accepted ideology/philosophy you find palatable enough to justify remaining an American?

I may have to just find time to ensconse myself here and read about your journey to discover that answer. I am curious not only of sheer altruistic interest, but because I have often felt alientated in my own homeland as though I were hit by a tsunami of crushing societal trends intent to drown my soul.


ScriptWeaver said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's great that you can quit your day job and pursue writing full time. I'm so jealous! That's definitely something all of us writers aspire to do. Anyway, good luck on the move and - of course - the writing!

laura k said...

Lachen, thanks for stopping by. Everyone is welcome here, too. I didn't mean otherwise when I invited you - I only wanted to extend a specific invitation.

Thanks for perusing some entries and the comments. I thought it would be easier - and more pleasant, for me at least - if you discovered me on my own turf, rather than my trying to articulate my beliefs on yours.

To answer your question, there was no one specific event that led to my wanting to leave the US. It was the overall trends of several years, adding up, taking their toll over time.

The W regime (which I regard as an unelected coup) brought my feelings into sharper focus. But those feelings and beliefs pre-date W by a couple of decades.

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy reading!

laura k said...

Hey Scriptweaver, thanks for coming on over! I do feel very fortunate to be able to write full-time for a while. It won't be forever, but I will enjoy it while I can.

Thanks for your good wishes. Good luck with your own writing. If you write as well as you paint, you are a very talented man.

Anonymous said...


Just make sure the cable's hooked up to the upstairs TV only ... then at least you'll see Allan for the baseball games.

Sorry Allan, had to suggest it.


laura k said...

G, great minds think alike. We'll only have the MLB package upstairs. You need a digital box for that and I only ordered one. Clever, ain't I?