don't blame w...

...because nothing is ever his fault!

Reggie Rivers, a former NFL player, now a columnist for the Denver Post, always has interesting things to say, and often says them with great wit and humor. I especially like Rivers because he reaches an audience outside the already-converted, and because (as you may know) I have an interest in the progressive voices in professional sports. Rivers writes:
Each new Bush administration story reminds me of the scene in the movie "Good Will Hunting," when Robin Williams' character, a counselor, has a breakthrough with Matt Damon's character.

"It's not your fault," Williams says over and over to the brilliant but troubled Will Hunting, whose overly aggressive, angry, self-destructive behavior constantly lands him in trouble. Hearing that it was not his fault, Hunting eventually breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. He's finally on the path to redemption.

In America's version of this drama, President Bush lacks Hunting's brilliance but he's got the aggression and destruction mastered. He insults, dismisses, attacks, denies and disappears - usually to his ranch in Texas, where he has so far spent 20 percent of his presidency on vacation.
For the full list of what's not Bush's fault, read Rivers's latest column, also found here on Common Dreams.


Anonymous said...

Great article. Didn't realize Rivers was writing. Cool. Like his style already.

Thanks for that. :-)


laura k said...

You are most welcome. :)

Here's another column of his that I posted. I emailed Rivers to send him the link - he wrote back saying he had gotten email from sexist pigs saying "right on" and from liberals who were offended! Hello, sarcasm, anyone...?