just to clarify

The plan:

Today, Friday: movers take away 99% of our stuff.

Saturday and Sunday: we go to work as if we have normal lives.

Sunday night: we toast to unemployment.

Monday: we pick up our one-way rental vehicle, and do last-minute errands.

Tuesday: we move to Canada.

* * * *

Last blog post from US: Monday morning, before disconnecting cable modem.

First blog post from Canada: with luck, Wednesday afternoon.


Expat said...

Best of luck L-Girl!

My fingers are crossed for a smooth move! :)

barefoot hiker said...

The Rest of America eagerly awaits you. :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Atheist Exposed. Best of luck with your move.

teflonjedi said...

And with some time to spare before HNIC starts!

So, are you crossing at Buffalo, or near there, or have you figured that out yet?

Anonymous said...

Almost here! Yippee! Cheers!

laura k said...

Thank you everyone! I mean, I truly, truly thank you. It's very cool to know you are all rooting for us.

RE HNIC, does that start during the pennant races or the post-season? (As in, baseball.) If so, it will have to wait. But I'll get there. :)

Teflonjedi: We're driving north to Albany, hang a left to Buffalo, then north, onto the QEW to Port Credit. That's definitely the most direct route.

teflonjedi said...

Ah, HNIC...you can find their official web site here....though it appears there's some kind of strike going on right now.

I should warn you that the Burlington Skybridge can be a little windy at times... Safe driving, and welcome in advance!

David Cho said...

Wow, only the day you move in, you are looking to get online? For one of my blogging friends, it took her more than a month before getting the service after she moved into her Las Vegas home.

laura k said...

it took her more than a month before getting the service after she moved into her Las Vegas home.

That is not an option for us, for many reasons. I communicate w/ my editors almost exclusively through email, and I did 100% of my research for the Ancient Civs book online. If that's not enough, add to that: baseball pennant races in September, VOIP home phone, and the thousands of people who read Joy of Sox. Our whole life runs through cable.

Anonymous said...

We will all be here waiting for you :-)

Good Luck with Landing!!!