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Doonesbury strip, August 25, 1980.

BD: I feel good today. Know why I feel good today?

Mike: I'll bet we're going to find out.

BD: I feel good because I woke up this morning and it suddenly hit me there's an excellent chance our next president is going to be Ronald Reagan!

It's the beginning of a new age, gentlemen, it's a whole new ball game, you better make plans.

Zonker: I already have. I've decided to shoot myself.

Mike: Good choice. Hand guns should be cheap and plentiful.


James Redekop said...

An absolute classic, and prophetic to boot. I remember when that one came out... My family had just spent a year living in Boston (my father was on sabatical there to study James Fennimore Cooper's original manuscripts).

We were pretty happy to get back to Canada before Reagan took over.

laura k said...

How cool that you remember that strip.

That was a real turning point - from which the country has never recovered. What seemed right-wing in those days is moderate-center now.

Also, what a neat thing your dad was doing. Did you visit Cooperstown?

utenzi said...

Doonesbury was so good back when Trudeau was still political. This middle age stuff he's doing now just isn't as interesting.

One of my favorites was when he lampooned then Sec of the Interior James Watt's ideas on nature with the concept that he'd been attacked by small animals (birds?) when he was young. Or maybe when Mike made fun of Reagan's misquote on trees creating most of the pollution.

allan said...

I don't read it anywhere near regularly, but Doonesbury has been quite political all along -- and certainly is now, with BD losing a leg in Iraq.

When he recently referred to Rove as "Turd Blossom" -- which is Moron's actual nickname for Rove -- the strip was censored in several papers.

laura k said...

Hi Utenzi, welcome to wmtc. Are you a new reader? (Just curious.)