That's AWOL without the without.

As you can imagine, I have precious little spare time these days, and almost none to read your blogs. I've been catching up on weekends, where (for two more days) I am still paid to surf the net. After my weekend job ends (did I mention, two more days?!), I'll have to set aside some daily blog-reading time in order not to feel incredibly selfish.

In any case, if anyone here doesn't read The Curmudgeonly Crab on a regular basis, go right now and read Crabletta's most recent post about Cindy Sheehan. I was probably the last of the wmtc crowd to see it. I'm always behind the times.


Crabbi said...

Thanks for the link, L-girl!

I didn't realize you were still working weekends. I thought when you gave notice, you were outta there.

laura k said...

Oh yeah, we're working our weekend jobs up to the minute we leave - the money is just too good, and we have Mon thru Fri to pack.

I actually gave them a month notice. They're Republican corporate sharks, but they've been very good to me.