holy shit the movers are coming on friday

My calendar for this week has one word written across the next four days: P - A - C - K. We got a lot done on Friday, and I'm confident we'll have a productive - sweaty, dusty, muscle-straining - week.

I spent most of yesterday emailing with Freecyclers who want to take some old furniture and air-conditioners off my hands. You guys all know about Freecycle, right? I thought it was just an expression - I didn't realize it was an actual organization.

I must be the last person to discover Freecycle, but then, I'm not big on acquiring other people's used goods. I am, however, very big on giving stuff away. Freecycle is like putting something on the curb for scavengers, but your whole town or city has a shot at it. Yet another fantastic use of the internet.

In other news, the Stones rock Fenway! What a great place to see them. We saw them a couple of times at Shea Stadium, approximately the same size and type of venue*, and it was great. (I think those shows were numbers 6 and 7 of the 10 times I've seen the Stones. That number is no longer growing: I'm done.) Here's a cool pic of the set.

* Although I would never compare glorious Fenway Park to that pit where the Mets play.


James Redekop said...

I never even knew the expression "Freecycle"... We would just "leave it for the curb gnomes". Stick something -- anything -- on the curb, and an hour later it'd be gone.

We once left a large oak waterbed headboard -- just the headboard -- on the curb, and it was gone in 20 minutes. Curb gnomes are very efficient.

laura k said...

Curb gnomes are very efficient.

They are indeed. I used to be one myself.

However, this is heavy stuff that requires a truck or van for pickup. Not stuff you can schlep home on the street, and most New Yorkers don't have cars handy. This way it's guaranteed not to become landfill. A great system.

Urban Chick said...

freecycle is FAB!

in fact, you have reminded me that i need to clear our garage, erm, list some useful artefacts...!

happy moving!

Anonymous said...

And when it comes to packing, remember--spending time agonizing over whether to keep something is the enemy of efficiency. What you need now is speed, so for most things smaller than furniture, it's easier just to pack it and send it--then, in the new place, where you're not surrounded by sentimental attachments, it'll be much easier to deal with whether to keep every little thing--and you can do it at leisure.

laura k said...

That's excellent advice, Wrye.

We purged a lot during the past year, and as we pack, I can easily junk things that I know we shouldn't bother with. But as for agonizing, you're totally right - not worth it. If you have a question, take it.

Break's over - back to work. :)

sleepybomb said...

yep, we are getting ready for our big move to the big easy and s.a. is rummaging the house for a yard sale next week, (she knows better than purge anything music related, which is all the stuff i own,and there is quite a bit of everything ... and no vinyl left behind). we're gettin' close to it, so what ever is left is out on the sidewalk, it'll be gone by morn.
and i have seen the stones only 8 times, (but i did work with them twice). i dunno if i could deal with it again. but we are going to brian wilson sept 2 in berkley cali. that'll make my summer!
good luck ya'll!!!

James Redekop said...

However, this is heavy stuff that requires a truck or van for pickup. Not stuff you can schlep home on the street

Hey, the headboard took two of us to get down the stairs... Not to mention the sofa bed! The gnomes took care of it no trouble. :) Probably due to more gnomes having cars -- or, at least, friends with pickup trucks -- here in NYC.

laura k said...

James: Yes, the auto-free gnomes in NYC can only look and dream... :)

Sleepybomb: You saw the Stones "only" 8 times!? :) How cool you worked with them, you must have some great stories. Good luck on your move!! And it's nice to see you here.

Urban Chick: Thank you! I have to remember to visit your blog. I've been wondering which Urban you are a Chick of.

Nicole said...

I never heard of Freecycle. Thank you! There is so stuff that I need to give away.

laura k said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks for the link over at your blog. I'll add you to my blogroll.

Let me know how Freecycle is in London!

laura k said...

Also, Freecycle beats Curb Gnomes because it reaches out to so many more people. Charities and non-profits scope the lists. People who would never see your particular curb, but who need something they can't afford, have a shot.