indigenous peoples day at the kwalilas hotel in port hardy

On Indigenous Peoples Day, the day of the summer solstice, we attended a ceremony held by the local First Nations communities outside the Kwa'lilas Hotel, the beautiful Indigenous-owned hotel in Port Hardy. I purposely didn't bring a camera, thinking photography was prohibited -- only to discover that because this was a public demonstration, not being held in the Nation's Big House, photography was acceptable. I did take a few pics with my cell phone, but these barely count as photography.

I am sharing the June 25 cover and colourful centrefold published by The Eagle of the Port Hardy event and at an event in Alert Bay. 

These photographs were taken by Kathy O'Reilly, publisher of The Eagle, used with permission.

These photographs were taken by Robin Quirk, 
Robin's Eye Photography, Alert Bay, used with permission.

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