social distancing is awesome but the world has become surreal

Removed from all context, I am loving social distancing.

I was very disappointed to cancel our planned vacation to visit west-coast family and friends. But other than that, I am having a great time.



Practicing piano.

Doing jigsaw puzzles.

Watching movies and series.

Walking outside.

Stretching and meditating inside.

Playing with our dogs. They are loving having me around all the time.

Cooking. The Instant Pot is working overtime!

Getting things done around the house.

Poor Allan, because he works from home anyway, he's not getting a vacation, and his alone time has disappeared. But for me, it's a guilt-free staycation.

That's quite a contrast with the outside world. It's horrendous. Illness, death, income loss, ordinary employment becoming dangerous. So much uncertainty, and so much fear.

I can't seem to lose the feeling of surreality. Is this really happening? Where is it going? How bad will it get? I'm not looking for answers. I stay in the moment and watch it unfold.

Perhaps if I read more news, I would lose that feeling? But I see people in my Facebook feed saying that the mountains of bad news are getting them down, and I think, give yourselves a break. There's no Most Informed award. I stay informed to an extent, but my concentration is low and my need to know is easily satisfied. Unlike my partner, who reads a ton and is chronicling it all.

I've never even lost the surreal feeling about the current POTUS! It still feels unbelievable to me. I still mentally shake my head and think, Donald Trump?? Is the president?? How can that be?? (Oh, it be.)

So now the whole world feels surreal to me.


Amy said...

I am one of those who has gone into a news blackout. I am doing everything I personally can do to protect myself and others. I am staying home, washing my hands, social distancing (and like you, finding the quiet and solitude and slow pace wonderful). Watching the doomsday predictions and graphs and charts and media hype was making me crazy. Since I have no power over anything other than myself, what was the point? I am taking each day one at a time and trying to cherish the little joys that each day brings.

laura k said...

Amy, that is really great. I love to hear that people are taking care of themselves emotionally and mentally.

You're absolutely right -- we have no power to affect this (other than what we can do to protect ourselves and others) so why drive ourselves crazy. It's not "the media" that drives us crazy -- we do have the option of turning it off.

One day at a time. One moment at a time.