coronavirus exposes, part 2: there is a bright side, and it's socialism in action

A reader pointed out that my previous post is very negative, and doesn't mention any of the very positive responses to the pandemic that are being rolled out.


A prohibition on evictions.

Water and electricity not being cut off for nonpayment.

Student loan forgiveness.

A relaxation of rules for employment insurance, and emergency funds for those who don't qualify.

In some cities, free public transit.

Paid sick leave. A suspension of rules about needing doctors' notes for sick days.


Every single one of these decent, humane responses to this health crisis injects a piece of socialism into our world.

When the crisis has passed, governments will have to work overtime to erase our memories and return to ruthless business as usual.


impudent strumpet said...

I really hope this situation results in the problems it brings to light being fixed on a long-term policy level.

I also hope this can be done without the politicians who happened to be in office at the time and whose policies exacerbated the situation in the first place being seen as "good guys" because "we survived" (when, in fact, only a subset of us will survive, but only those who survive will be voting, not to mention the fact that survival alone is insufficient)

James Redekop said...

A collection of Twitter comments along the same lines:


Not convinced the US will get the point long-term, though...

laura k said...

The US definitely won't. I don't think Canada will either.

And Imp Strump makes a great point. It would SUCK if people were able to take credit for changes they they actually oppose and were actively destroying not do long ago.