pupdate: our temporary tripod

Diego is walking on three legs, a result of a ruptured knee ligament (ACL). Surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Our first dog, Gypsy, had the same injury. It's not uncommon in large dogs. In those days, surgery was new and experimental; we borrowed a car to see a surgeon in a nearby suburb. Gypsy had a rough recovery, which included a post-operative infection, but she came through and lived another two years. These days, surgery is fairly routine, and the good folks at the North Island Animal Hospital are able to take care of it.

It was so awful to see Diego in pain, barely able to drag himself up and hobble outside. Then after a few days, he seemed to adjust, and is now moving around ably on three legs. Naturally we don't want to push it. The x-rays showed no arthritis or hip dysplasia, and no tumours, so we're looking forward to getting the surgery over with.

Diego and Kai pre-injury. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of this.
Meanwhile, Kai and Diego are having so much fun together. Kai keeps us all entertained. After three separate exercises in fence construction, we think we've managed to contain her in the yard. She doesn't take off when we open the front door -- none of our dogs ever did that -- and when she did get out of the yard, she came right back, sometimes waiting for us to let her back in.

Kai is highly intelligent, endlessly curious, and incredibly affectionate. She seems to love Diego as much as she loves us. Such a little sweetie!

I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the Kai and Diego have a future together. When Gypsy had her knee surgery, I wanted it to bring us two more years of life -- and we got it. It's always too soon to lose them, but if we can keep the Big Boy going happily for another two years, I'll be very grateful.

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