in which we reluctantly begin the search for a new vehicle

We were warned about this! We were half-expecting it.

Our car didn't pass the inspection for BC auto insurance. Supposedly this is what happens when you bring a car from another province.

We drive an old (2006) Kia Spectra, which we bought two years ago when our even older (2005) Chevy Optra was hit by a careless driver and our insurance carrier dumped it. Considering its age and its 155,000 kilometres, the Kia has been very solid. Before we drove west, we brought it in for a full check-up and got everything it needed, plus new snow tires. It drove across the continent without a hiccup.

Given that, it's a wee bit hard to believe that the car suddenly needs another $3,000 in repairs. But you can't get car insurance without the inspection, so the inspectors have you over a barrel. (If you enjoy word and phrase origins, over a barrel has an interesting story.)

It would be ridiculous to put another $3,000 into this car. It's more than we paid for it in the first place! Allan wants to get a second opinion, another inspection, but I'm not hopeful. So... we are car shopping. It had to happen sometime.

Now that we're in this rugged country, I'd like to get something slightly bigger and heavier. Almost everyone in our area drives a truck or an SUV. I don't think we want to spend that kind of money, but a bigger vehicle would be very useful here.

Here goes.

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