hear bradley manning's complete statement, and help spread his words across the internet

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has posted the leaked audio recording of Bradley Manning's statement to the military court in Ft. Meade. In it, Manning explains why he leaked more than 700,000 government documents to WikiLeaks. FPF also has posted transcript highlights, in case you can't make it through the full 35-page statement.

The US military "court" - that is, Manning's accusers - are trying to prevent public access to the proceedings, especially Manning's own statements. We can all help thwart their plans.

Listen to the statement here.

You can download Manning's statement, in part or in full, and embed the audio on your own website: Help Spread Bradley Manning's Words Across the Internet.

For more information on the groups FPF is helping to fund, go here.

For more on FPF itself, go here.

A man speaks the truth about war crimes and murder, and he is persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned. The people who are responsible for those war crimes continue to lead lives of wealth and privilege. Bradley Manning is being court martialed, but never forget who the real criminals are.

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