thinking of the riveras, today and always

My grief for the Rivera family and my rage at this cruel, anti-democratic government roils unabated.

I am haunted by thoughts of my dear friend Kimberly Rivera, who has given so much to so many people, all by herself in a jail cell, and by thoughts of those four beautiful children waking up, day after day, to the reality of a motherless family.

Mario Rivera is one of the best fathers I've ever seen. He is loving and kind, strict when he needs to be but always gentle, just like Kim. But Kim is their rock. I fear for them all, ripped from their vibrant community in Toronto, plunked down in Texas, in a new world, without their mom.

All completely avoidable. Entirely the fault of Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, and everyone who voted for them.

* * * *

I have some personal news that I want to announce and write about. Please know that the above is true, no matter what else is happening in my life.

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