amnesty: kim rivera is a conscientious objector. let her stay.

Gloria Nafziger at Amnesty International Canada:
Amnesty International considers Kimberly Rivera to be a conscientious objector, and as such would consider her to be a prisoner of conscience should she be detained for military evasion, upon removal to the United States.

Amnesty International considers a conscientious objector to be any person who, for reasons of conscience or profound conviction, refuses either to perform any form of service in the armed forces or applies for non-combatant status. This can include refusal to participate in a war because one disagrees with its aims or the manner in which it was being waged, even if one does not oppose taking part in all wars.

Wherever such a person is detained or imprisoned solely for their beliefs as a conscientious objector, Amnesty International considers that person to be a prisoner of conscience, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

The right to refuse to perform military service for reasons of conscience is inherent in the notion of freedom of thought, conscience and religion and is recognized in international human rights instruments including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Kimberly Rivera formed an understanding of her position as a conscientious objector over a period of time while she was deployed in Iraq. At one point her convictions caused her to stop carrying her rifle while on duty in Iraq.

Amnesty International urges the Minister to fully consider all of the facts in the case of Kimberly Rivera, including the fact that she is facing detention in the United States for her conscientiously held beliefs, and allow her to remain in Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

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