meet matt green. he's just walkin'.

Allan told me about a man who is living out my oldest dream. His name is Matt Green, and he's walking across the United States.

Here's why, the short answer.
Many people ask me the following questions when they hear about my walk: Am I raising money for a cause? Am I trying to set a record? Am I running from the law? My answer: I’m just doing it for the hell of it. Or, more precisely, I’m doing it for its own sake, for the value inherent in the act itself. Hence the name of this website: I’m just walkin’.

And doesn't it figure, the long answer begins with a quote from John Steinbeck.

This makes me so envious, it hurts. Really. Deep-down. For me it is, quite literally, the road not traveled.

But I'm happy there are people who do this kind of thing.

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