talas on parade

When I posted this about Jungle Cat World, several people mentioned that our Tala --

tala cody backyard snow 015

tala cody winter 09 015

-- bears a striking resemblance to an Arctic Wolf.

jcw 085


In fact, Allan and I have noticed that Tala bears a striking resemblance to a lot of dogs. White Shepherds are all over the internet, and we love to look at them. Tala is not really a white German Shepherd, she is a very beautiful and Shepherd-Husky mix, but we just love this look.

Is this Tala? Just look, don't listen!

Is this Tala singing?

Or spinning? We totally have to get her one of those pools.

Was this Tala at five weeks old?

At 11 weeks?

This nine-month-old looks exactly like the first picture we saw of Tala. (Yay, there's our girl!)

Two Talas

Four Talas

And finally, some seriously cute Tala puppies.

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