question for wmtc community

I have a question for you all. I need an honest answer, not the answer you think is best for me. A challenge for Canadians, I know! But please try.

Last year wmtc4 - our annual backyard bash - was a pot luck; we supplied the liquid refreshments and guests did the rest. The original impetus was the sad state of our finances, but it turned out to be so much fun. There was a huge variety of delicious food, and I felt like people really enjoyed themselves and felt connected to the gathering. For people who don't cook, I suggested bringing chips and salsa or buying cookies, and that seemed to work out, too.

Now we're starting to think about wmtc5, and I'm of two minds. I feel as a good host it's nicer to simply invite guests and ask nothing of them. I love our wmtc parties and I love being as generous as possible. Truly, it makes me very happy. On the other hand, I thought the pot luck was great. We are more broke than ever, thanks to my being in school, so the pot luck helps in that respect, too.

Whether or not you were there, what do you think? When you get invited to a pot luck, do you feel it's too much work, not enough of a party? Is it more fun to just show up? Or do you really enjoy pot lucks? Does the variety of food and the act of contributing enhance the experience?

In your opinion, wmtc5 should be:
(a) a pot luck,
(b) BYOB but no food,
(c) bring nothing, or
(d) no preference.

While I'm on the subject, wtmc5 will be Saturday, August 28. June is crazy in Toronto this year, with massive organizing around the G8/G20 and the usual busyness around Pride. We're away off and on in July. So we decided to have the party on (almost) the actual 5th anniversary of our move, which was August 30.

If you're reading this and you're not the CIC or a troll, you're invited. Save the date!

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