reading week: my canadian acculuration continues

This is Reading Week. I have no idea what Reading Week is. I never heard of it before.

Last week, my profs announced there'd be no class next week because of Reading Week. Classmates asked me, What are you doing for Reading Week? I thought, What am I doing? I guess I'm not going to class.

It appears that Canadian universities and colleges give students a week off to catch up on studying, but most students - a lot of people, anyway - treat it as a vacation.

Both my classes are on the same day this term, so that means today I have one extra day to stay home. A nice little break. It's especially good timing since Allan and I worked a holiday overtime yesterday, and tomorrow is our appointment in Guelph with Cody. So I have a day in the middle to stay home and do schoolwork.

But everyone is making such a big fuss over it. I keep wondering if I'm missing something.

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