little pupdate, with apologies to tala

What a bad dog-mommy I am! January 29 was Tala Day, and we forgot all about it! So, in honour of three years of our hilarious, big-eared Bo (short for Talabo, short for Tala Bobala), let's all go terrorize squirrels.

tala curtain 12

In other news, Cody - 13 years old, with arthritis and hip dysplasia, not to mention newly-diagnosed cancer - is snoozing on the bed when we're not home. We don't know how she gets up there anymore. We have a ramp for her at the back door, and we help her in and out of the car, and the bed is kind of tall.

But after years of trying to keep dogs off the bed - barriers, balloons, alarms - now I'm thinking of ways to help Cody get on it! I don't think a ramp would work in the bedroom, but maybe some sort of step.

backyard snow feb 07 08 033

Not much to update yet regarding Cody's condition. She has no symptoms yet. We have an appointment with an oncologist in Guelph, and I'll post an update after that.

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