thank your m.p. for voting for war resisters

Here's the Hansard of Monday's vote on the war resisters.

If you emailed or called your MP about the vote, why not take a minute to thank him or her for voting yes? (Or if your MP is a Conservative, chastise them for voting no.)

I've been surprised to see that my own MP, Albina Guarnieri, is front-bench under Ignatieff. In the vote on adjourning or continuing the debate, with Ignatieff absent, she voted second after Stephane Dion. On Monday she voted third, after Ignatieff and Dion.

Ms. Guarnieri has been in cabinet before, and has a strong interest in veterans affairs, which is one reason I wanted to talk to her about the war resisters. Although supporting war resisters is often mistakenly characterized as the opposite of "support our troops," supporting a soldier's right to conscience is very much part of veterans affairs.

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